MIST New York 2018 Registration Guide

ATTN: Registration is full! If you’d still like to attend this year’s regional tournament, fill out the guest waitlist form: https://goo.gl/forms/0H3aIyQBPnESJtL93

To learn how to navigate the online registration system, please read over the following tutorial. If you have any further questions or have problems registering online, contact the Registration Committee at mistny.register@gmail.com.

Registration Deadline: February 13, 2018 ($65 competitor fee)
                                  Financial Aid form: https://goo.gl/forms/8jIIxGvQ80D2gT6R2 
                                  Financial Aid Deadline: February 2, 2018

Deadline for Forms: March 2, 2018

Team Cap: 65 competitors

Overall Cap: 650 competitors


  • There is only one registration deadline this year. Competitors must be signed up for the competitions they intend to compete in and pay the $65 registration fee by this date. Then, coaches must approve the team by this date.
  • There will be no waitlist registration after the deadline this year. All competitors must be registered before the deadline.
  • Online registration will be closed at the deadline or when we reach 650 competitors, whichever comes first.


Follow these steps to complete the registration process:

  1. Create Your MIST Account
  2. Complete Online Registration Process
  3. Submit Your Paperwork


Access the PDF version of the guide here.